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About the Artist

Based in Trinidad, Colorado and originally from Independence, MO, Te De Sura Studio's owner and principal artist, Kristi Rogers, is formally trained as a user experience researcher and designer and is also a multimedia artist, design educator, arts organizer, and entrepreneur. In addition to her work with Te De Sura Studio, Rogers is also a Product Owner for a software development company, and owns and runs a consulting business that provides UI/UX and Web Design & Development Services to entities within the arts industry called Codesignerly Solutions. Beyond the world of work, Rogers also maintains a regular meditation and chanting practice, and organizes the Trinidad Mindfulness Meetup, which meets for weekly meditations and other mindfulness-related foci. 


Rogers does not fit neatly into any one category in her artmaking and work for Te De Sura Studio, and adopts a multimedia, highly experimental, and interdisciplinary approach that elicits interactions with and between her audience and marries seemingly dissimilar elements via multisensory cues and feedback to create unexpected harmony or meaning in form or concept. Using media such as sewable electronic components, conductive fabric and thread, wire, metals, textiles, yarn, glass, and natural materials such as bone, leather, wood, paper, feathers, stones, and shell, Rogers creates wearable sculpture and outfits ranging from jewelry, collars, capes, and headpieces to more large-scale items intended for theater or other live performances. She has recently begun experimenting with combining these pieces to create whole interactive environments/installations. In addition to individual art works, Rogers has also led creative collaborations, such as "Lozen" at Denver's 2016 Paper Fashion Show, "Art Playground," an interactive art installation at ArtoCade's Cardango 2019, and the "Spellbound" art car project (2020) at Art Cartopia Museum in Trinidad, Colorado.


Rogers is currently working on a large-scale multimedia wearable art series (details forthcoming) as well as two Community Storytelling Video Montages focused on community stories as they relate to Trinidad's historical architecture. In late winter (early 2023), Rogers will begin work on her Change Leader Certification Project, "Storytelling in Trinidad: A Human Library Collab", in collaboration with the Trinidad Creative District. 

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