Samples of the Current Collection

...Featuring beautiful, one-of-a-kind wearable art made of copper rescued from the dusty closet of a peaceful ranch house in Wyoming, leather salvaged from the shuttered workshop of a saddle-maker in Arizona, chain and beads from a defunct jewelry store in Texas, and yarn and glass re-routed from the dump in Colorado. Since they landed on my worktable, these materials have been given a new form, and with it, new life. 

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Currently, I do not have items for sale online, but Te De Sura products can be purchased in-store at the locations listed below. I am also available to consider custom art requests or bulk orders of a particular item (pending materials availability).

A Letter From the Artist:
My Mission
 in Wearable Art

Once upon a time, there was an artist who vehemently disliked the limelight named Kristi. She had loved creating wearable things with found items from a very young age and had a knack for finding just the right materials in a pile of what most would call junk, and an even greater knack for making interesting things out of them, but needed a little push from family and friends to put her creations out there for enjoyment by others. Now that she is all grown up, she has started this "Design Experiment" called Te De Sura because it really is that...part personal creative expression and a very large part experimentation.

Today, I'm on a mission to learn how to make more complex, beautiful, or useful objects out of otherwise discarded items, and want to teach and inspire others to do so as well! The world is full of so much "stuff" already; there's nothing saying that when you're done using it as it was originally intended that it can't be made into something entirely new. In fact, as long as the basic materials hold out, we can have all kinds of fun! ;) In the near future, I plan to provide tutorials and instruction on making new, useful, and aesthetically interesting items out of discarded things, and am also committed to continuing to push the envelope on developing new methods/techniques in sustainable production.


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With my gratitude and all the best,