A sustainability endeavor in art-making, mindfulness, and co-creation

Welcome to Te De Sura Studio
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The concept of 

Te De Sura... 

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...is derived from the spanish words “tesoro” (treasure) and “basura” (trash).

Tesoro de basura.

Treasure from trash.

In our avid consumption of objects, experiences, and thoughts, we struggle to manage our literal and metaphorical clutter sustainably. The concept of Te de Sura, or treasure from trash, is my answer to that, and I feel so strongly about it that I've built this design endeavor around it. Whether referencing the creation of beautiful objects from discarded items (upcycled art), becoming aware of jumbled thoughts cluttering the mind (mindfulness), or connecting with others to create art or meaningful experiences (co-creation). 


Each item from Te De Sura Studio is created in Trinidad, Colorado, and has had one or more lifetimes before becoming upcycled art. Based on the Te de Sura concept, I also offer mindfulness resources and meditation, and facilitate co-creation projects focused on sustainability, upcycling, and mindful connection with others. Want to learn more? Contact me, follow me on Instagram or Facebookbrowse the blog, or see samples of the current upcycled art collection.